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Do you want to be on one of our WTT Teams for the
Late Fall League?

This super fun format consists of Saturday late afternoon matches at Woburn Racquet Club starting in late September. Each season has 10 weekly matches and then playoffs for the qualifying teams.

   Tennis NorthEast is looking to submit 3 teams from the community. We're looking for players from 3.0 Skilled to 4.0 Advanced Level. Steven Chagnon will captain each of the teams if we don't have another player who wants to do it. Each team will have 3 Men and 3 Women on it.

   Each week there's a Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles and 2 Mixed Doubles matches. We'll also have room for paid subs who will be guaranteed matches to help fill in. A team spot is $120 per person, $40 for sub spot.

   Currently we're going to keep an interested roster on this page. If you are interested just send an email to TennisNE2@gmail.com and we'll reach out to you when we have more definite details.

Interested in Participating:
(1) Steven Chagnon (2018 Spring Member)
(2) Mary Heasley (2018 Spring Member)
(3) Karla Almendarez (2018 Spring Member)
(4) Ivar Jensen (2018 Spring Member)
(5) Gokul Subramanian (2018 Spring Member)

Fine Print
*World Team Tennis is negotiating to expand to Bass River in Danvers and WILTC in Winchester.
*We'll have 1 sub spot per team we have.

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