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Partner Program and Tennis Ladder Rewards Program

2017 Tennis Partner & Tennis Ladder Non-League Rewards Program:  We want our program to be known for connecting you with **ACTIVE** tennis players. Therefore our objective is to encourage players in the program to play. We have determined the best way to motivate players to play is to give away free months of service and gift cards to those who play the most often. In the past 5 years we have given away $6,400 in gift cards to the most active players in the program. Tennis Ladder players are eligible for this reward based program.

Normal Monthly Contest: If you play 2 different partners in the partner program from Feb. 1st to Feb. 28th, you'll get a free month of the partner service. If you play 2 different players in the tennis ladder from Feb. 1st to Feb. 28th, you'll get a free month of the tennis ladder service. We do the review for this promotion typically on the FIRST BUSINESS day of the month.

Secondary Contest restarts for February: We will reward up to 10 players a $25 Tennis Warehouse Gift Cards in the month of November just for playing. If you play 5 or more different players during the month in either the partner program and/or the tennis ladder you'll be entered into a lottery with the other qualifiers to win one of the Tennis Warehouse Gift Cards. This is a nationwide contest. Players who received the program for free will not be eligible for this promotion. Players can't win this reward twice in a year.

Secondary September 2016 Contest Winners: (1 Winner) Sacramento: C. Marcellus

Secondary August 2016 Contest Winners: (4 Winners) LA: V. Kowaleski & G. Georgiev, NYC: J. Abelack, Seattle: T. Nguyen

Secondary July 2016 Contest Winners: (2 Winners) Cleveland: B. Melis, NYC: D. Romero

Secondary May 2016 Contest Winners: (3 Winners) Cleveland: M. Singh, Denver: J. Cintala, LA: O. Enciso

Secondary April 2016 Contest Winners: (3 Winners) LA: T. Rodzewich, Miami: N. Pualengco, K. Abirman

Secondary March 2016 Contest Winners: (5 Winners) LA: M. Jones, D. Quintana, NYC: F. Luetzig, A. Twersky, G. McDonald

Secondary Oct. 2015 Contest Winners: (2 Winners) Orange County: C. Chao, Orlando: M. Chamberlain

Secondary Sept. 2015 Contest Winners: (1 Winner) Denver: R. Campbell

Secondary August 2015 Contest Winners: (7 Winners) Chicago: N. Wiggins, Cleveland: T. Kennedy, DC: D. Pasternak, Denver: H. Edlin, Miami: F. Lamberti, NYC: A. Twersky, Philly: A. Laila

Secondary July 2015 Contest Winners: (4 Winners) Chicago: E. Lee, Cleveland: M. Piscitelli & G. Huth, DC: W. Barnard

Secondary June 2015 Contest Winners: (2 Winners) Boston: R. Guzman, Cleveland: Mannu Parmar

Secondary May 2015 Contest Winners: (3 Winners) DC: S. De Matties, A. Shiffris, SF: J. Timberlake

Secondary April 2015 Contest Winners: (4 Winners) Boston: E. Flores, Cleveland: K. Anderson, DC: B. Holzer, SF: C. Glasier

Secondary September 2014 Contest Winners: (5 Winners) Denver: A. Martinez, LA: J. Greenberg, NYC: A. Twersky, OC: J. Gray SF: E. Hu

Secondary August 2014 Contest Winners: (7 Winners) Cleveland: C. Solt, DC: Niket Platak & M. McDonnell, NYC: A. Fishbane, Minneapolis: F. Osho, SF: G. Astrero & J. Chan

Secondary July 2014 Contest Winners: (7 Winners) Boston: V. Karandikar, Chicago: J. Fridberg, DC: John Clark, LA: E. Satterberg, Ft. Lauderdale: J. McGirt, Seattle: S. Harris, SF: K. Kim

Secondary June 2014 Contest Winners: (4 Winners) Cleveland: S. Hosner, DC: Savia Cout, NYC: W. Ham, SF: G. Wallace

Secondary April 2014 Contest Winners: (5 Winners) ChiTown: A. Miller, DC: K. Capelli, NYC: A. Wood, W. Ham, SF: G. Astrero

Secondary August 2013 Contest Winners: (7 Winners) Cleveland: TC, Hennessey, DC: A. Shifriss, Philly: A. Arumugam, SF: G. Astrero, Z. Lin, C. Bane, E.Castillo.

Secondary July 2013 Contest Winners: (2 Winners) Cleveland: S. Sugunan, OC: K. Kiraly

Secondary May 2013 Contest Winners: (7 Winners) Cincinnati: S. Gillette, Cleveland: D. Adornetto, M. Horwich, DC: J. Meakin, NYC: V. Otto, SF: B. Albu, M. Del Rosario.

Secondary April 2013 Contest Winners: (10 Winners) Cleveland: L. Burnoski, TC. Hennessey, M. Piscitelli, DC: W. Perry, J. Meakin LA: T. Amanios, NYC: A. Wood, Pittsburgh: Y. Zhang, Phoenix: J. Garrett.

Secondary September 2012 Contest: (2 Winners) Nick Fischer and Dante Pacifici played different 8 and 7 players respectfully in the month of September and each won a $50 Tennis Warehouse Gift Card for their efforts.

Secondary August 2012 Contest: (1 Winner) Jorge Daniels played different 10 players in the month of August and he won the $100 Tennis Warehouse Gift Card for his efforts.

Secondary July 2012 Contest: (14 Winners, 2nd highest total) Chicago: N. Kasem, DC: J. Daniels, E. Harper, E. Graves, Denver: J. DuFort, LA: S. Passan, Minneapolis: F. Osho, H. Ramegowda, C. Rich, OC: K. Nguyen, Philly: F. Khan, SF: E. Castillo, M. Taylor, San Jose: E. Cabral

Secondary June 2012 Contest: (2 Winners) DC: S. Sebastian, SF M. Reed

Secondary May 2012 Contest: (8 Winners) Boston: S. Balan, F. Khan, DC: J. Smith, R. Westlook, LA: M. Chang, OC: T. Mitrache, K. Nguyen, SF: J. Carter

Secondary April 2012 Contest: (8 Winners) Cleveland: T. Hennessey, R. Pavanan, DC: J. Daniels, Minny: B. Altman, NYC: G. Gayol, A. Wood, SA: D. Childs Tampa: S. Sullivan

= Secondary March 2012 Contest: (7 Winners) DC: J. Rothschild, C. Hatfield, J. Jones, E. Smith, Philly: J. Shellenberger, OC: K. Nguyen, San Jose: D. Chang

Secondary February 2012 Contest: (3 Winners) OC: E. Vargas, Phoenix: M. Hyland, San Jose: H. Guzman

Secondary January 2012 Contest: (3 Winners) LA: A. Kanumalla, Miami: A. Brandon, OC: K. Nguyen

2011 Contests: (65 Winners)

2010 Contests: (58 Winners)

More Details:  We do the accounting for this promotion within the first couple of business days at the beginning of the month.

Did you know?:  Did you know that we are going to donate 2% to 4% of the partner program revenue to the Cancer Research Institute. On 8/29/16 we donated another $500 to the Cancer Research Institute bringing our total donation to $11,000 in the past 5 years.

Have fun on the courts!