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Cleveland Tennis League

Poty-1 Me M. Piscitelli 63 pts 1 referral(s)
Poty-2 M. Perciavalle 9 pts 0 referral(s)
Poty-3 R. Rajesh 9 pts 0 referral(s)
Poty-4 J. Klodnick 6 pts 0 referral(s)
Bonus Reward: Top 2016 Nationwide Referrer gets an extra $100 Gift Card.* 2nd place will get a $50 GC.
If either player refers 10 or more players we'll bump it up their gift card by $50.
Players who have unsportsmanlike playing strikes can receive up to 60 point POTY deduction for each infraction.

2017 Leaders: 2 - A couple of players

2016 Winners: 6 Matthew Horwich, Cleveland, 6 players tied at 5 referrals.
2015 Winners: 7 - Arthur Wood, NYC, 6 Matthew Horwich, Cleveland
2014 Winners: 9 - Tom Trotter, Ft. Lauderdale, 8 - Arthur Wood, NYC
2013 Winners: 7 - Tom Trotter, Ft. Lauderdale & Rameshkannan Arumugam, Philly
2012 Winners: 7 - Mark Stern, Boston & Arun Prasad, Philly
2011 Winner: 8 - Bobak Razavi, Minneapolis
2010 Winner: 6 - Mark Stern, Boston
2009 Winner: 10 - Brian Beno, Miami
Free referrals don't count for this reward.
* Any referral from a player who has spent $10 or less will not be counted as part of this contest.
* If players are tied for 1st they will split the 1st and 2nd prizes. If players are tied for 2nd they will each get a $25 GC.
Participants who have received compensation from the league are ineligible to win current year poty prizes.
** The reward changes year to year and is not represented correctly by the software.